This is an era of a New Industrial Revolution

Relevant-IT can illuminate the path towards Digitization for your organization or business and help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

Relevant-IT.Inc has extensive experience in developing, designing and deploying innovative, innovative and effective IoT solutions, globally, for Enterprise, Commercial, Industrial and Healthcare organizations that will help you unlock the potential of this new digital age.

Every second, over 205,000 new gigabytes of data are created, the equivalent of 150 million books. So, with 10 to 20 billion connected and sensorized objects we are producing more data than ever before and, critically, we are moving it around, using it with increasing frequency. Imagine a world with 40 to 50 billion IoT objects. How well an industry or individual company utilizes the massive influx of data unleashed by IoT objects will define its competitive advantage and future success. For example, it will be the data that informs a supply-chain manager about inefficiencies or security holes in the supply chain; it will be the data that tells a marketer whether consumers are responding to the latest campaign; and it will be the data that gives businesses a greater insight into its processes and products than ever before.…

Ted Alben – Principal & Business Leader

Ted Alben is a business leader and senior consulting subject matter expert in IoT (Internet of Things) and process innovation, Logical, Physical Security, & Networking (Wireless too!). Alben supports a multitude of clients in the Americas and abroad in advanced solutions design and deployment for business process optimization, advanced communication, machine and facilities management, environmental controls, supervisory systems, and other related technologies.

Alben has pioneered edge-based systems, control systems for transportation, sensor and detection systems for the US Department of Homeland Security, as well as healthcare innovation for remote care, telemedicine, picture archiving communications systems, and remote access laboratory systems for Roche Medical. Alben also led the design team for RTLS, RFID, WLAN, and asset management for the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Alben has over two decades’ experience in the Americas and has designed, delivered, and supported diverse network solutions for Enterprise, Metropolitan Wide Area, Outdoor WLAN/Mesh, Hybrid WAN, and high capacity telecommunications solutions.

Career highlights include 2008 Beijing Olympic Games network design and security initiatives for Chinese Homeland security including emergency operations center design, anti-crime and anti-terrorism for the governments of Colombia, Trinidad, and the UK. Notable is Alben’s work in Maritime Domain Awareness and Aviation security with persistent surveillance and detection systems for six of the top ten US Ports (based on dunnage) and the top three airports in the US, featuring advanced biometrics, intelligent video, and WMD sensors.