Business Builder

Make YOUR business Relevant! We have a proven 15 year track record of developing innovative and transformational offers to grow your business and build unmatched brand equity.
  • We will establish your company as industry experts in business relevant IoT solutions and grow the overall business
  • Create new IoT revenue channels by leveraging your current practices and creating new IoT offers and solutions
  • Expand your company's value within existing client base through IoT offers that compliment your core services, to generate additional revenue
  • Create an IOT Brand Awareness and Equity with vendors and partners

We'll help you leverage OUR existing IoT Partnerships and Alliances with companies such as Dell/EMC, Cisco, Intel, VMware, Microsoft, and others. The "four step quick-start" plan includes:

  • Collaborating with YOUR principals to Develop Defined Offers Aligned with Infrastructure, Security, & Cloud
  • Perform market-ready Project Based Consulting with key accounts. Expand new revenue streams from existing accounts
  • Develop annual investment plans to meet the mutual goals of your firm and your vendors
  • We'll perform regular business reviews to measure and track progress
A record to be proud of (2010-2017)