IoT Converged Physical Security

IoT Converged Physical Security

Security and Protection in the Modern world requires the real-time fusion of multiple technologies into meaningful information. Commanders must receive and act upon this information in seconds to effectively execute response and to avoid serious losses. The Delivery of such information is coordinated, controlled and delivered by the system we call LOTUS.


LOTUS stands for Logistics Operations Transportation Utilities and Security. LOTUS has the ability to draw and blend all of the technologies that are used to manage these diverse industries. The LOTUS Center focuses on the nature of the activities being reported and the location where the activity occurs to create a detailed transaction about the event. LOTUS then uses business and security analytics to sift through oceans of transactions to identify potential threats and to assist in the coordination of response. LOTUS can collect, analyze and manage transactions from Industry Systems such as:

  • Physical Security
  • Sensor Technology
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Wired & Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Voice Radios
  • Fire / Life / Safety
  • Building Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Surface Technology
  • Biometrics
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Perimeter Control
  • Global Positioning Systems Tracking
  • Access Control
  • IT Security
  • Network Administration
  • Satellite & Microwave Technology
  • Power Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Asset Tracking
  • & More

LOTUS represents an elite group of leading-edge industry systems that have been integrated into the LOTUS Solution. We can provide some or almost all of your intelligence needs. LOTUS is already integrated with over 100 Logistics, Operations, Transportation, Utility and Security technologies, and we are constantly looking for best-of-breed solutions to integrate with LOTUS and offer to our clients.

LOTUS does not have to replace existing technology systems that are already n place. If the product is not already supported by Lotus, it can be integrated into the location transaction reporting part of the system for analysis purposes. Lotus is also able to take direct control of many interactive devices, such as CCTV and Access Control to provide integrated functionality and to facilitate additional informational gathering.

LOTUS System Components

The LOTUS System can be broken up into four main components: LOTUS Support, LOTUS Control, LOTUS Manager and The LOTUS Center. LOTUS Support provides the primary infrastructure and core functionality using integrated Best-of-Breed Solutions from industry leaders. Lotus Control is our location transaction and interface toolset that ties all the technology platforms together and integrates them into LOTUS Support and the LOTUS Center. LOTUS Manager is the brains of the system that coordinates the flow of information from LOTUS Support to the LOTUS Center. The LOTUS Center provides for all user interfaces to the LOTUS System and also acts as a user control point of the entire LOTUS environment.

LOTUS Support

LOTUS Support is a carefully configured and fully integrated suite of technologies that are required in order to support the majority of the Industry system. LOTUS Support includes such technologies as:

  • Application Servers
  • CCTV
  • DVR Storage and Retrieval
  • Intelligent Video Analysis
  • Face Recognition
  • Power and Environmental Management
  • Voice Radios
  • Wired and Wireless Network Management
  • Geospatial
  • Badging/Access Control
  • Network Security
  • Out-of-Band Authentication
  • Personnel Background Checks
  • Fault Tolerance/Disaster Recovery
  • Fiber intrusion detection
  • Wire Tapping
  • Wireless Detection
  • Jamming technology
  • & Others

When you are working with LOTUS Systems, all of these critical systems are already available for use. If your solution needs any of these technologies beyond the LOTUS System, it can be expanded to be deployed as part of a larger enterprise solution. In addition, several of the LOTUS Support technologies are interchangeable with other LOTUS Partner solutions, so the right solution can be configured for any environment.

LOTUS Control

LOTUS Control is a software toolset and systems methodology designed specifically to allow for the easy integration of critical industry systems for the primary purpose of monitoring and information gathering. Everything that is to be monitored is geospatially tagged along with specific transactional information to allow us to create a timeline-based log of activities. Many Industry solutions openly supply the activities, but not the geospatial location. This is a particular area where our labor is required to enhance the usability of the information gathered for processing by LOTUS Management and presentation in the LOTUS Center.In addition to collecting geo-transactional information against traditional industry systems, LOTUS is able to create geo-transactional information from other systems or data sources such as: Vending machines, Point of Sale, Petroleum Sales, Pipeline Pressure, Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Water Levels, and others. The information can be collected by LOTUS Control via the network or via GPRS or other cellular technology.

The toolset also provides control functionality over many integrated devices. LOTUS can retrieve video from remote location DVRs, take control of access control doors & cameras, look-up additional information on remote systems and more. When there is a need to add a new best-of-breed device or system to the LOTUS Network, LOTUS Control is put into action to make the integration a reality. It also allows the LOTUS System to continue to expand and evolve its intelligence gathering capabilities.

LOTUS Management

Lotus Management contains the Project, Network and Operations Management philosophy and methodology used to deploy and operate the LOTUS System environment. All of the intensive management decisions about technology, implementation, approach, training, etc. are already made, so the team can focus on configuration and optimization of the system to the environment it is being deployed. In addition to being able to monitor and control any integrated LOTUS System component, there are also several specialized configurations of the LOTUS System for such environments as: Police, Port, Airport, Rail, Highway, Business Parks, Skyscrapers, Malls, and other deployments; strength and flexibility all in one solution.

LOTUS Management also contains an advanced set of business and security analytics that have been blended with LOTUS Control, SCADA compliant devices, video analytics, and other sensor technologies to identify potential threats or other activities of interest. Lotus Management is capable of connecting seemingly disconnected activities either at one location or several and combines that information into picture that tells a story. That story is then brought to the attention of the chain of command for further processing within the LOTUS Center. Vehicle Types, license plates, specific transactions, personnel, etc. can all be entered by the system operator for a system-wide search. If the user enters or selects any transaction, LOTUS Management springs into action and will quickly create a web of related transactions, associate each transaction to a person when available and also identify critical chains of probable concern for further evaluation in the LOTUS Center.

LOTUS Center

The LOTUS Center is eyes, ears, nose, mouth and the long reaching hand of the LOTUS System. The LOTUS Center is more than a command and control center. It is a dynamically configured, multi-functional facility that usually houses all of the local LOTUS System elements.

The LOTUS Center can be considered a critical piece of infrastructure that must be appropriately protected. Therefore, proper precautions and security are deployed in and around these facilities. Exterior Fencing, Sensors, CCTV, Guard Stations, Electro-Magnetic Pulse Shielding, generators and other physical security measures are deployed as part of the LOTUS Center to assure its survivability. When fully deployed, two LOTUS Centers or more are built and networked together in order to provide support and fault tolerance to one another.

Inside the LOTUS Center you will find the most advanced array of video displays and controls that are available in the world today. Intelligent Video Analytics and other resources are put into action by LOTUS Manager and the results are brought to the attention of the staff manning the LOTUS Center workstation for further processing and resolution. The workstations are configured into job responsibilities such as incident command, logistics, law enforcement, fire, command, etc. or they can be configured into groups to handle multiple incidents in smaller groups at the same time.

Communications to the field are securely supported using multiple means of wired and wireless communications. Vital information is also sent directly to the field from the LOTUS Center to support whatever action is prescribed by the chain of command.

The LOTUS Center is configured with a complete suite of integrated technologies that have been selected to optimize the performance and the usability of the center. Wall displays, monitors, computer workstations, telephones, voice radios, cameras, furniture and more are already working harmoniously together to assure the LOTUS Center is able to handle any situation. If additional capacity is needed, the C enter can be expanded to support hundreds of staff members, or smaller centers can be created that allow for geographic proximity/diversity and system survivability without compromising the functionality of the LOTUS System.

The Lotus Center contains additional facilities beyond the command and control room shown above. The Center also supports the executive and administrative offices, High security intelligence rooms, situation rooms, conference rooms, network operations control, video operations, call center and much more. Each configuration is unique to the environment it is deployed, but all the functionality can be brought to bear at any time.

LOTUS Partners

The diverse functionality required to secure, protect and operate our Nation’s assets is immense. In order to provide a solution as advanced and as flexible as the LOTUS System, we have compiled the very best technologies and have developed the glue that ties them all together. As they stay at the forefront of their respective industries, we are able to stay in stride to continually offer the absolute best-of-breed solutions in all industries as we progressively enhance the LOTUS System’s utility. Our growing list of partners is very extensive. Here is a list of some of the more prominent vendors that supply significant parts of the LOTUS System.

The LOTUS System Advantage

The key to securing and protecting any asset: person, place or thing, is timely, accurate information and the ability to act on that information. LOTUS Systems provides a singular view into a multitude of environments in real-time to achieve this object. Massive amounts of information are poured over by our LOTUS Management and LOTUS Support systems to proactively identify potential issues and threats. Then the entire power of the LOTUS System is brought to bear in the LOTUS Center by a team of highly skilled professionals and the chain of command that they serve. If you have decided to bring technology to bear on your needs for surveillance, security and protection, there is no better, solution that can be provided than one that is designed to draw the very best from whatever information is available. A solution that is comprehensive, highly scalable and extremely secure itself. LOTUS Systems – creating the extended reach of security possibilities for the present and shaping the future.